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Monday, July 5, 2010

Pop Pino & The Three Legged Buffalo

I need to write this blog because I'm Pop Pino of Pop Pino Coins. The article I wrote about my experiences
with my Dad & his help in teaching me about altered coins, was a real life time experience. When I Google this, I see many many Bloggers using this article in there contents to introduce themselves. This is some what impressive that they use my Blog because of the contents and information. But I wrote the article and I'm not getting the credit for it or more important the social feed back and communications with true coin collector to, group and partitapate, and hearing their coin collector stories. Please when looking for How To Detect Altered & Counterfeit coins Please make sure you are reading the true Authors Experiences and look for Pop Pinos Coins.
Within this blog you will see "Other Interesting sites" there you can find more of my Articles "On Altered Coins".

Anyone wishing to discuss any of these articles please respond

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