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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Saint Gaudens "America's Most Beauiful Coin"

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1907 was the year that most people said, this is the " United States most beautiful coin" & most popular coinage design . The coinage design was struck on Double Eagle & designed by famous sculptor Augustus Saint Guaden. The Obverse was struck with Miss Liberty racing forward with a torch in one hand and Olive branches in the other. The reverse showed a soaring eagle. The coin was stunning. Loved by all. Expect the coin had "No Motto" "In God We Trust" which became an issue with the people.

The first stuck 1907 for a business strike, was in high relief & the date in roman numerals No Motto. This coin was struck in several different reliefs. Some struck in much higher ultra relief & some lettered edgings which are extremely rare.

The higher relief proved to be impractical for business stuck coinage. Later strikes in 1907, approximately 361,000 thousand, were of lower relief with Arabic numerals.

Because the citizens protesting over the lack of the motto, in 1908 the motto was added to the reverse of the coin. Many Saint Gaudens were struck in the next years until 1933. Many horded and many melted. This caused several Rarities such as the 1920-s, 1921, 1927-d 1929-1933.

The most beautiful coin in the history of the United States is in contain demand. If you are lucky enough to own one you can see why. They very much sort after in MS 63-MS65.

This Years Best Coin Investment Saint Gaudens In MS 63-MS64. These coins follow gold on the way up and have a substantial premium over the gold spot. When gold goes down, the coin make a very small adjustment if any.

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