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Monday, September 19, 2011

Mercury Dime Full Split Band

The Reverse image of "The Mercury Dime" is called the Fasces. This symbolism is traced bact to ancient times.
The fasces, a bundle of rods bound to a battle axe, come from the Roman Empire and symbolized authority.a
Aldolf Weinman was the artist which crated  fasces for the Mercury dime. The fasces show entwined olive branch around the battle axe,  represented Unity of strength The battle axe, willingness to defend it's self , and the olive branches, the nation's love for peace.
A full band Mercury Dime is a extremely sharp strike which clearly shows the three double band on the axe, each one a has a clear space between the double bands. These full bands command a premium on most
coins and a extremely high premium on some which full bands are rare
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