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Monday, August 15, 2011

1804 Large Cent Genuine

The Large Cent appeared in 1793, same time as the half cent together. these coppers were the first coins released by the U.S. into general circulation. The initial type, Flowing Hair Chain Cent reverse, was not well received by the public. Many complaints led to the replacement of the chain with a wreath after a few weeks. Soon after, more complaints resulted in the Liberty head that exists but with a cap on.

A genuine 1804 cent sells for at least $2000, while the restrikes go for several hundred. Fakes are worthless of course. If you have an apparent 1804 Large Cent you should have it inspected in person by a dealer or appraiser.
The first and most common way in determining a genuine 1804 large cent from an altered date is the positioning of the numeral "0" in the date on the front of the coin, and the letter "O" in "OF" on the back. On a genine 1804, if you draw a line from the middle of the numeral "0" in 1804 to the middle of the letter "O" in Of, the line should be alinged straigth thru both

Second diagnostic item is, the second berry the right extends below the right top of the letter "E" in "ONE"If altered from another coin, it would show the second berry in line with right top vertical of the letter "E" in "one"

How To Detect Altered & Counterfiet Coins
Pops How to detect altered and counterfeit coins

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