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Sunday, July 10, 2011

coins that are worth more than a coin

Coin collectors, old and new, have always wondered whether the coin or coins they have in their possession are worth more than the face value today - or in the foreseeable future.

Even though that a coin which has little or no value monetarily is not necessarily one would not keep or make part of ones coin collection.

The following are basic factors which could influence a coins value.

How rare or un-rare is it?

Generally, the concept that everyone knows and follows is this:   the rarer a coin the higher the coins worth.  This rule is true in some cases and  fortunately or unfortunately  false on the others.

There was a situation where a Chinese coin, a thousand years old, sold for only a few of dollars because there were many of the thousand-year-old Chinese available. Compare this to a coin made only in 1913, a nickel specifically called a Liberty Head, which could sell for (hold your breath) one million dollars!  It is known that only five of these coins exist, consequently the enormous monetary value.

Is the coin in good condition?

The better the condition of the coin, the better the price that it would bring on the market, because the grade of the coin would match its condition. A coin that is in mint condition - add to this that it is basically an uncirculated coin  is actually worth one hundred times more than a similar coin that is just in average circulated condition.
Demand and supply

Sometimes, when the demand for a specific coin is high, that coins worth  despite the number of them available  is just as high.
Take the example of the coin dated 1916-D, and compare it to the value of a coin dated 1798. Many people prefer to collect coins of the 20th century rather than those that are from the 1700s.  The 1916-D dimes sell higher than the much older 1798 coins.  The fact that there are more  1916-D coins than there are dimes from the year 1798 (only about thirty thousand), does little to affect the price of each.

It is best to have a professional coin dealer grade the coin(s) and determine the value of any coin(s) you may own. Who knows, it could be worth more (or less) than what you think.

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