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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

1922 No D Lincoln Penny Altered

Pop Pino Here Again!!

Talking about another popular coin that is altered and counterfeited because of the high premium it gets
 in all grades.
       THE MAIN REASON FOR THE 1922 NO D existence was a worn out die.
Only 1922 D Lincoln Head Pennies had been minted for this year. There are some weak "D"  used to counterfeit this coin by buffing or tooling out the mint mark. Evidence and main focal point is in this area.

On a Genuine 1922 no "D",
The "R" in liberty is blurred and not sharp
The last "2" is weak and tail is flattened.
"In God We Trust" is blurry and the "T" in Trust is strong clear strike.
The "L" in liberty runs into the rim.

I would highly recommend buying a graded coin from PCGS, NGC, or ANACS.

How To Detect Altered & Counterfiet Coins
Please Read all Pop Pino's Blogs on Altered And Counterfeit Coins before investing!

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