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Thursday, July 7, 2011

1889 CC morgan Silver Dollar

The 1889 CC Morgan Silver dollar is one of the great keys of the Morgan Series. Also the most rarest of the Carson City Morgans. With a Circulation strike mintage of  350,000 and a optimal collectable grade of MS 63,this makes the coin worth around $30,000.00. However Mint State coins are available, far and few between. Most coins are about an average strike and dmpl are hard to find. Coins carry a preium in all grades.  

 What was happening in American in 1889?
North & South Dakota became states along with Montana & Washington. Oklahoma Teritory once home of "The Native America's" the homesteadsers set on a race across a line  to stake out land for free by the goverment. Soon cities poped everu where.Okllahoma city for one. This started a land and develoment boom in the parie states.

Singer Company made it first electrical sewing machine.
Nielie Bly Circled the world in 72 days.
The Wall Street Journal started Publication
Connecticut the first coin operated telephone was installed
Earth Works Dam on the Conemaugh River  Johnstown penn. Broke open killing many people.
Otis Company install the first Elevator.
March 4 1889, William Henry Harrison Became President.

This year Nickel 3 cent pieces, Gold Dollars, three Dollar gold pieces were struck for the last time.

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