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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Altered Gold Coins

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gold Coins "How to Detect Counterfeit Gold Coins"

  Gold coins have been counterfeited at a much higher rate because of it's rarity in the numismatic world and the high value placed on these rarties.

Every coin has three sides -obverse, reverse and the edge. All must be examined carefully.

Basic casting sure tell signs:
Air trapped in the mold material will cause bubbling on the surface

Texture of the molding material will be seen on the surface. Mostly rough to mild texture.

Any mold flaws scratches, digs, chips and other imperfections in a mold will be transfered to the coins surface.

When molding a coin, procress characteristics will be seen, as

Riser-the waste metal standing up when the mold is broken away from the cooled coin

Fin-Result of  molten metal scepping into a crack during molding

Mold Scratch- Raised line on the coin because of a scratch

Molding Pit-Depression in the cast coin which has to much foreign matter.

Diameter-Hot metal expand and contracts in heating and cooling process, thus causing different
size variations
Egde Variance-Texture in reeding will not be natural. Coin struck in collars will show drag lines

Coins struck in counterfeit dies

Depressions-a die made from a genuine coin will have the same marks on the die made counterfeit coins
any raised bumps will transfer to the counterfeit coin.

Tooling-Correction made to the counterfeit die with any tool used, will be transfered in to the metal die
and will appear as raised marks when the coin is produced

Additional characteristics of counterfeit die cast coins, can be

Mis-matched dies-Obverse not matching up with the reverse

Incorrect edging device

Multiple matched dies

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