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Sunday, August 2, 2009

How to detect altered & Counterfeit Coins 1893 s Morgan /1914D Lincoln penny

Hello once again
Pop Pino's Coins here!!!!!!!
How to detect altered & Counterfeit Coins.

Today we are going to talk about a big one. Big Morgan Silver dollar. The key date
of the Morgan Collect. Very few will argue the fact that this is the most altered & counterfeit of all, "The "1893 s Morgan Dollar". Yes the one that has a mintage of only 100,000 business strike, all released to the public. Isn't it amazing that
after 106 years there are 100 plus MS examples!! There are 2 coins graded MS67. One by NGC & one by PCGS. A few Gems exist but after that it goes down hill.

Many Different Morgan Date have been used to make a 1893 s,

1893 p with a transplanted mint mark. Be sure that the s is a small s and not like the 1892 s larger. Look for the focal points on the coin. Any evidents of soldering marks in the mint areas or glue residue.

1883 s is often used removing the 8 and gluing a 9 in it's place. This alteration is a dead give away because the 9 will look "squeezed" in.

1898 s is the next most altered coin. By cutting the 8 into a 3 the spacing is just right, the mint mark would be exact, but look for tool marks that have to be there
were the 8 was cut to look like a 3. Some Field alteration has to show.

My Pop never had one of these, "the big one" 1893 s Morgan Silver Dollar.
I would give anything to see his face to hold one today. I know he would be saying
"trust me son" use the "focal points on the coin, look to see if it is real". Like he said to me "those are the good old days."

1914D Lincoln penny
Hello every one Pop Pino Here Again

Hope you have been enjoying by blogs on How to detect altered and counterfeit coins.

This Post i will address one of the key dates of the Lincoln Head Penny,

the 1914 D Key Date Lincoln Penny. With a mintage of only 1,193,000, this is the third lowest mintage of the Lincoln head series. With this said the coins has been subject to many forms of altering and counterfeiting since the business struck coin was released to the public.The most used coin to alter is the 1944 d Lincoln penny. Removing parts of the first four and make it to look like a one was pretty simple. When this is done there is a sizable gap between the nine and the four. Any coin used to counterfeit the 1914 D Key Date Lincoln Penny after 1918, the designer initials were added to the coin down by Lincoln's right shoulder, would need to show signs of removal. Next time you look at a 1914 D Lincoln, your eyes should immediately go to these focal points for verification for being genuine.

My Pop Got his 1914 D in pocket change, not much of a story here. I know that at one time he had a clear tube coin holder filled with them. Wish we still could fine the big one's like that now. Those were "the good old days" like my Pop reminded me many times.

Thank you everyone and will be getting my next Blog out this week!!

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